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Friday, 21 September 2018

Surgical Strikes : The Day India Responded


On the midnight of 29th September 2016, Indian Army battalion consisting of 70-80 commandos, crossed the Line Of Control (LoC). First time since Independence, India crossed the heavily militarized border to respond to terrorist attack happened 11 days ago in Uri, Jammu & Kashmir which killed 18 army soldiers. Within no time, this secret attack planned by Indian Army under the order of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, was successful in killing dozens of jihadists who were trained to carry out fidayeen attack across India especially in Kashmir Valley. This daring attack reinstated faith among a billion people who were used to such attacks in past.

 Starting from 2001 Parliament attack which killed many police men to 2008 Mumbai attacks famously known as 26/11 which is called "India's 9/11", India was used to such fidayeen attacks sponsored and carried out by Pakistan's ISI to destabilize India's daily routine and bring fear among millions of Indians. The 2016 Surgical Strikes drew attention of many countries around the world, most of them even congratulated India for wiping out terrorists. Many leaders especially from European Union praised Indian Army for its professional approach.
The reaction of Indians was overwhelming to such extent that many distributed sweets, fired crackers, sent millions of messages to each other, posted many posts across social media. India was celebrating its real Independence from Pakistani aggression. This move by Indian government was supported by common Indian citizens, even by the criticizers of current government. Politically, the reaction was mixed with many asking it's own government for proof just to fool out voters in name of proof. The previous regime even claimed to have carried out such attacks in past on which Indian Army maintained silence.


After suffering many invasions, plunders, genocides in a thousand year history which saw many foreign warrior lords taking over the country especially central Asians , Turks, Persians who ruled India harshly. India never ever in this long bloody history of thousand years, attacked any foreign country or regions. It is well known that India has always defended itself from foreign aggression. Even after India got independence, it fought 5 wars with it's neighbors. Four with Pakistan, one with China, In all wars, Indian Army never crossed border, only 1965 Indo-Pakistani war being exception where Indian army captured Lahore city for brief period only to return within short period without gaining much from this action. Capturing of Lahore wasn't aimed to dismantle Pakistani defense. This was responded by Pakistani Army capturing Khem Karan and adjacent Indian villages. Surgical Strike in all way was vastly different from 1965. Here India, not engaged in any war or under any international pressure, carried out military action which was secret and classified. This was a proper response to fidayeens and Pakistani establishment who have killed many Indians through proxy wars.

In no way it is wrong to say that India in this thousand year,  responded first time by crossing the borders. It proves that this strike is very significant, maintaining sovereignty, reinstating faith among citizens, showing signs of future super power. Apart from Indian Army, the biggest credit goes to government of India for this brave step. India finally moved from its defensive position to attacking position sending messages to neighboring China and Pakistan, India's only two big rivals.


Though it is said Indian Army crossed border to give befitting reply, we should not ignore the fact that India crossed the LoC not an international border. LoC is totally different from international border. LoC is disputed border between India and Pakistan, cutting Kashmir in two parts, controlled by these two nations. According to 1947 Kashmir Instrument of Accession, Pakistani Occupied Kashmir (PoK) is officially India's territory. So in short, Indian Army crossed border to eliminate terrorists from it's own soil. From international perspective, India crossed border but for some active Indians, Indian Army crossed illegal border to eliminate terrorists from occupied territory. Still many common Indians, have no idea about this disputed territory. 

Whenever anyone shows wrong map of India, showing Kashmir region belonging to Pakistan, Indians on social media make a lot of buzz about it. But no one cares about actual situation of occupied territory or how India is going to gain back this territory. The surgical strike by Indian Army, made Indians happy but nobody gave a second thought about the territory where India attacked. This is what is worrisome for India's future if its own people have no idea about geographical, political situation of their country. Indian government must educate its people about this.  Obviously war isn't the solution to this problem but ideological war is what is best reply to its rival.  


No doubt India carried out this brave step. But this is not only the final step towards eliminating terrorism. This move must be taken as inspiration and motivation so that whenever India is threatened, such moves can be carried out. India since independence has changed drastically. Not by poverty or socially but as a global power and has created its space in international politics.

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