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Saturday, 22 September 2018

Brief Introduction Of Mahatma Gandhi | Essay on Mahatma Gandhi

When the vast and heavily populated nation of India gained independence from Britain in August 1947, one man more than any other was responsible for that achievement. Mahatma Gandhi united the different communities of India and led them to independence. He believed in non-violent protest and despised the racial violence of his homeland. He became known as Mahatma, or "great sol". Although he did not live long enough to see results of his work, Gandhi remembered today as the instigator of three movements crucial in the 20th centure : the campaigns against racism, colonialism, and violence.

India Nationalism
The British started ruling India from 18th century when they arrived in the Indian subcontinent as traders. Seeing vast treasures and wealth of the country, British successfully started gaining territories through their tactics. This slowly resulted in British controlling vast part of Indian subcontinent. People led rebellion against the British for several years. 
Gandhi, who had successfully led protests in South Africa against racism, returned to India in 1915, hoping to drive out British from India. 

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